20 Kg - Caffeine Powder
  • Ingredients20 kg caffeine powder
  • suggested daily intake: 0,2g caffeine-powder (equals one enclosed measuring spoon) daily.
  • content: 20 kg
  • taste: powder is bitter
  • solubility: Caffeine-powder can easily be solved in water
  • appearance: white powder
  • smell: odorless
  • EAN: 0707571892668

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buy 20 kg caffeine powder in a reclosable, safety sealed stand-up pouch.

399,99 EUR
20,00 EUR per 1kg
buy 2kg Taurine powder
  • Ingredients2kg L-taurine, 100% pure
  • suggested daily intake: 1g L-taurine (equals three measuring spoons)
  • Content: 2kg
  • taste: powder tastes neutral / is tasteless
  • solubility: L-taurine dissolves in water easily.
  • appearance: white, chrystalline powder
  • smell: odorless
  • EAN: 0707571892804
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buy 2kg L-taurine
in a stand-up pouch-bag, 100% synthetically pure.
34,99 EUR
17,50 EUR per 1kg
250g L-arginine-powder
  • Ingredients250g L-arginine, pure L-arginine powder
  • suggested daily intake: 2g L-arginine (equals two measuring spoons), twice a day
  • Content: 250g
  • taste: powder tastes bitter
  • solubility: L-arginine powder dissolves in water easily.
  • appearance: white, chrystalline powder
  • smell: neutral smell
  • EAN: 0707571892965
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buy 250g L-arginine
in a reclosable stand-up pouch-bag.
9,99 EUR
4,00 EUR per 100g
18,99 EUR
1 Kg - Xanthan Gum Lebensmittelzusatz E 415 Stabilisator Emulgator 1000g

buy Xanthan, 1kg

Ingredients: E 415 (Xanthan gum)
Quality: 100% pure, helal, kosher
EAN: 0707571893719
Producer: wake-up-easy.eu
Solubiity: Xanthan dissolves in liquids
smell: Xanthan is odorless
look: bright yellow, almost white powder
attributes: gelification agent / thickener

14,99 EUR
14,99 EUR per 1kg
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