capsule machine

The capsule filler from are manual capsule filling machines with a capacity of 100 capsules. The ease of use ensures a hygienic and fast operation, in which one can complete a full capsule filling cycle within seconds with either hard gelatin or HPMC capsules. The precise fit of the capsule filler allows a clean and fast workflow, in which the capsules are automatically inserted correctly and one will not have to touch them with the hands. Each capsule filler comes with a tamping tool, which allows to compress the powders in the capsules. The capsule filler is available for the capsule sizes 00 to 4. Fill more than a thousand capsules per hour and become a capsule producer for yourself, filling the capsules with vitamins, herbs or amino acids. The capsule filler is the ideal solution for pharmacies and supplement producers, who want to fill small to medium batches of capsules on their own.

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